3-Day Individual Meal Plan

(21 customer reviews)


**Serves 4 people
Ordering ends each Friday at 8pm.

*DELIVERY Orders will be delivered on Sunday between 5pm – 7pm.

*PICK-UP Orders can be picked up from the KDW Catering kitchen between 5pm – 6pm on Sunday. Location = 9631 Liberty Road, Suite J, Baltimore, MD 21133


Choose an option PICK-UP (no additional cost) or DELIVERY ($10 fee)

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21 reviews for 3-Day Individual Meal Plan

  1. Veronica Lathan

    I just luv good healthy food

  2. msval2011

    I’ve been using this company for 3 years on and off. Very satisfied

  3. stebo2 (verified owner)

    Convenient and Good Dude!

  4. Veronica Lathan


  5. Ngozi Young (verified owner)

    Affordable, Healthy, Convenient & Delicious !!!!

  6. Vada McAfee

    My mom loves this food! I wish y’all delivered to Texas. 🙂

  7. Veronica Lathan

    I really enjoyed the food

  8. Val Jenkins (verified owner)

    I use to order with KDW and Stopped for no specific reason but I’m back

  9. msval2011 (verified owner)

    I’m back

  10. Veronica Lathan

    This is very good food

  11. Veronica Lathan

    KDW Catering did my 60 bday party and everyone on enjoyed my party.

  12. Veronica Lathan

    Kdwcatering did my 60 bday party and everyone on enjoyed my party.

  13. Veronica Lathan

    Great clean food

  14. msval2011 (verified owner)

    I’m satisfied. Great Customer Service

  15. msval2011 (verified owner)

    Great Service

  16. Jazmin (verified owner)

    I’m HOOKED! When I tell you, I strongly think I will not be cooking ever AGAIN! These meal plans have given me my time back and I’m telling Everyone!!! Thanks so much for great food and customer service!

  17. Dorothy Camper (verified owner)

    Great food. Excellent Service. Thank you!

  18. Brenda J Chavis

    Food and Service are great. Second time ordering.

  19. Stephanie Vice

    Grateful for the meal plan and school lunch program. Food is really good and it helps this busy mom during virtual school.

  20. Virnease Millings (verified owner)

    Food and service was great.

  21. Maria Aquia

    Very good.

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